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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bimbotic Moments

Please beware, the contents of this post is photo-heavy. You can still opt to shut the page while still having the chance.

After our great spontaneous outing where we had fun shopping (which you can read about here if you missed it), Wendy, Misa and I decided to have a 2nd shot at it; this time being all bimbotic so you are all either gonna LOVE us or HATE us.

Before it all, we ate our dinner at Steven's Corner which, in my opinion, is a kinda hi-tech mamak store with its own LED ticker advertising the food available.
This was my tempting looking nasi lemak. But the taste didn't really add up to my expectations.
This was our awesome-filled-photographer, CheaIng :D
One of me first :D
OK! From here onwards, its filled with our 3 faces, don't get sien of it ok :P
"Girls just wanna have fun"

Scary much? Don't make girls mad or else you will get a headache like Misa ^^
Wendy... tak nak,
WeeiFoong... tak nak,
We want MISA :D
Do you feel the love yet? Sorry for my oh so terrible photo-editing skills -.-
Satu, dua, tiga..perempuan yg sungguh ayu MUAHAHA

Tsk tsk~ Now only you know we are such hiao-pos~
Pardon my eyebags, but Wendy looks so adorable here I couldn't resist putting this up :P
And the last, goodbye :) till the next outing

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  1. aiseh, 3 lovely sexy girls

  2. lol.. not-so-bimbotic la.. it's okay to me.. =)

  3. pretty ladies! I'm so envy!

  4. haha nice post! wish i can nang this post...

  5. I like the result. wish I can nang it too! Just that I'm on NN Aussie, that's y.

  6. y not invite me to join this cutie photo shot session ya >.<"

    kakaka~ nice one ^^