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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sushi Zanmai AGAIN

Was ushering again last Saturday. We had usher orientation in the morning. After which Audrey and I went to grab a bite at Medan and cotinued for prep and usher. Pastor Tan was preaching about how we as Christians should be like real fans, its really quite interesting. After that, we went to Zanmai :D my personal sushi heaven
Ini E21's PapaBear JinChong
Dia seorang poser (as you can see)
Proves my point xD
Before I digress too much, these are a couple of the foods that I managed to snap pics of :) Makes me hungry all over again.
Californian hand roll
Irene's ebi (prawn) rince
Audrey's unagi (eel) rice
My not so appetising looking ramen but it tastes much better than it looks
Sushi caterpillar! With unagi sushi as the head plus loads of salmon sushi as the body
Green tea milk shake?
Soft shell sushi (my all time fav ^^)
*jeng jeng jeng*

Then celebrated two birthdays :)

This is Daniel's "cake"
The jolly bday boi
See him smile from ear to ear
Me. Audrey. Irene
Thus ends this post. Didn't elaborate too much since it's just a plain ol' food post where you're just suppose to stare at the food till your saliva drips out.

Happy staring!


  1. nyam2 looks delicious the sushi n the cake~
    i love sushi too!:)

  2. the 'cake' looks nice.. lol..

    I've found another place for Japanese food.. :D

  3. ok...time for sushi again tonight! :-)