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Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day belated

Was ushering at CHC (stands for City Harvest Church incase you don't know) on Saturday. There was a mother's day special then so a short play was what MOTHERS have to go through. The lesson brought back was

Mothers were daughters

Mothers are mothers

Mothers will be grandmothers

So they'll always know what you go through, and thinks about what is good for you. The service ended with us asked to hug all mothers and wishing them. You can see all the mothers being teary-eyed by the end. :( Makes me miss my mama too

After the end had to fold bulletins and cleanup then had dinner with Jin&co at Korean Street Food Cafe at SS15.

See the colourful messy walls filled with creative "arts"

The food comes in cute little metal containers :)
My sweet BBQ chicken rice *nom nom* OK, I gotta admit it doesn't taste so good

I have loads to update in so little time, bear with me :)


  1. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!! Bless your mum for being good n always loving u. StayTune........

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you too! :D

  3. happy belated mommy's day! :-)

  4. happy belated mothers day to all mums =)

  5. hey, im actually always eating there! :D

  6. nice one ^^
    i got my mom a present too - sunglasses

  7. sigh more pictures of food :\ me so jealous! ooh add my link too? (:

  8. The food looks kinda appetizing... guess they are good in presentations or your camera is doing the trick lol.. doesn't taste so good eh? hmmm..