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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Spontaneous Outing

Went out with Wendy and Misa about a week ago. It was totally unexpected outing after class but still fun all the same ;) Wendy has already told about the outings but I shall just put it from my point of view with more pictures :)

We decided to chill out at Sunway Pyramid so the 3 of us went back home to change out clothes and slightly dollify ourselves before going out after class. Our first stop was Dragon-I as we were hungry and they were so excited about the RM1 chicken xD

These were what the 3 of us had :)
The Famed Rm1 Chicken which taste not bad
Dragon-I's famous siew long pau. Each of us had 1 tray each since we were all so hungry and the food was oh-so-good ;)
Camwhore right in front just like new customers :P
Even the toilet also camwhore. After all, who can resist such a huge mirror? Yes, I know I'm the shortest -.- I wasn't blessed with height as you can all see
We thought of catching a movie but most of them has been watched by either one of them. So the 3 of us walked all around Sunway Pyramid exploring all four corners, top and bottom just like 3 bimbotic girls babbling on and on about makeup, gossip and fashion. Oh I love em' both.

Misa then decided to satisfy her craving for green tea by having green tea icecream!
After shopping around (till 10+ when all the shops were closing down), we decided to leave. LOL We were so enthu with all the shopping that we forgot which floor was the car parked at xD

Deciding that the day could'nt end just like that, we headed off to Snowflake located near Asia Cafe which was famous for its Beeping UFO and yummy icy goodness~

To prove my point, I have a picture here to show you how packed the place was.
The 2 pretty girls :)
3 of us camwhored again while waiting for the food
Snowflake uses loads off good healthy stuff as their ingredients
This is the famous Beeping UFO that lights up when your food is ready :) Save all the energy for the waiter to shout or pass you the food doesn't it?
And there it is! all lighted up!
And this was our nom-noms for the night :)

Wanna have a bite?


  1. dun b sad..i also same height wif u..hahaha

  2. hey i never thought the RM1 chicken such big servings! will try soon!

  3. ahhh... looks yummy... got to get you as a malaysia friend and bring me out for a feast.

  4. another snowflake fan! I'm there always to be honest... :D

  5. u can get half or full chicken just for RM1 bt we choose to get half, don't wanna waste. :P

    n yes snowflake :D

  6. Hey, i wonder, to eat that RM1 chicken, i must purchase what??

  7. the beeping UFO is so cool! =D