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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Brussels, Belgium

Welcome on a short picture-tour around Brussels, city of Belgium (the land of chocolates!). A little clue on places of interests for those who are keen on visiting.
Checked in at Aloft Brussels Schuman. Highly recommend this place, very comfortable and posh at an affordable price. On the downside, you have to walk a wee bit from the train station to get there. But exercise is good, no?

You can't say you've been to Belgium till you've tried the awesome Belgium waffles.

A group picture in front of  the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula. 
Its interior.

Famous for its prodigious stainted glass windows.
 After which we went to stuff ourselves with more chocolate, waffles and fries. It's a wonder how the people here manage to stay slim.
Chocolate fondue anyone?
 We didn't manage to find and visit the Comic Strip Museum much to my dismay. However, we did manage to visit a merchandise shop of one of my favourite comic when I was young, The Adventures of TinTin!
Just watched the movie a few days before heading to Brussels hehe.

Obligatory "I was here" photo
We continued walking and soon we reach the famed City Hall of Brussels.
A work of art

Brussels Town Hall - fine architecture.
Ok, maybe the picture has focused to much on me  cause I feel threatened by its beauty


Does this look tempting or what? Now do you know why we keep stuffing ourselves with them? *spoilt for choices*

TinTin! hehe (this I do not call vandalism)

The famed Manneken Pis otherwise known as the peeing man of Brussels.
Donned in all sorts of  attire at different  times.

Other girls go broke shopping for branded bags, clothes and shoes. Here in Belgium - we spend our money on quality chocolates (that disappear in our stomach within minutes)
 The next day, we headed to the Atomium. The weather at Brussels was quite dull and the sun was 'hiding' most of the time.
The Atomium in its full glory.

Before I grabbed all the attention being the attention seeker that I am. haha just kidding. :) But it was really cold and windy there! 

We manage to view the Mini Europe from the Atomium :) However, we didn't head there due to time constrain.
Such a pity!

C is for confidence - a department I lack in.

All the walking and touring has turned us into stomach growling monsters. and the chocolate, waffles and fries were kinda "jelak" if you ate em' too often. So it was time for a change.

We went to eat mussels! and it was damn good ;) with white wine, garlic, cream and herbs. oh yum!

Alright, this last picture has made me work up an appetite.

Till the next post where I will bring you travelling with me again. :)

Guess the place?


  1. i tried belgium waffle in malaysia and it's crap :( how i'd wish to travel to belgium too!

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  2. waah,the waffles....
    I like your adventure life there,take care and make you life as much as nice memories as you can :)

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