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Monday, October 1, 2012


Alright, so I haven't been here for a few months due to travelling, graduation, packing so and so forth. I could give a 100 excuses but I guess the fact is I am having the writer's block and wasn't motivated or in the mood to do so. Till now, sitting here - I decided to give it another go since I'm a free graduate who is still "jobless".

Based on my previous post,  the next place I visited was Amsterdam and boy was it an eye-opener for me. The stunning view, vibrant nightlife. Here is a list of a couple of things to do and places to visit at Amsterdam.

1. Iamsterdam

You get to see a sneak peek of the place in Far East Movement's Live My Life feat. Justin Bieber. If you're a child at heart or adventurer then you could attempt to climb on top of those alphabets.

2. Heineken Experience
Tickets can be bought either online or at the counter. Once you've reached, you will get to see an adorable vintage looking Heineken carriage with barrels and bike.

 Upon paying, each of us received a wristband which will be our key to having paid free beer later during the day.
 We get to learn how the beer was made, the ingredients used, the process - in an interactive manner.

We were also taught how to drink the beer - for the beginners haha.
 I had a great time trying to draft a perfect pint of beer, and even got a cert for it. hehe but let's just say I was never meant to be a bartender facing the crowd.

Pictures and videos can be taken to ensure we had a memorable fun-filled trip.
 3. Keukenhof Gardens
The best time to head to Amsterdam would be during spring where the flowers are all blooming in their fine glory. The whole place looks so serene and dream-like, way better than Alice in Wonderland to me.

We were greeted by two pretty Dutch ladies with their full on attire. As you can see from the way the rest of us were dressed, the weather was still quite chilly during early Spring.

 Hence explains the bare trees in the background.

 Nonetheless, it was all still rather beautiful.
 There were several exhibitions indoors for tropical flowers that grow only in the warm climate.

4. Red Light District
Just imagine an ordinary street that looks like this. Picture taken from here where an intensive and well written post was written for the top 10 things to do in Amsterdam.
Just imagine this plain old street during the day come alive with red lights and plastic-doll-like prostitutes dressed in near to nothing wink at you out of the glass window. Other than that, sex shops selling all sorts of kinky stuff are available and sex museum with an oh-my-huge-penis. Those who are willing to fork out can watch sex shows, should be way better than hentai right guys?

Besides that, it was the first the where cannabis was sold cakes, biscuits, chewing gum and other forms. You could smell weed at practically every corner of the place. Magic truffles and other hallucinating items were sold. 

5. Zaanse Schans
This village basically shows the Dutch culture in depth. Think WINDMILLS, CHEESE and CLOGS.

 Paid to enter a windmill which was used to make paint pigments and colourings. We were then led up a rather steep set of stairs, near vertical which led us to the top with a spectacular view.
Rainbow coloured variation of chalk.
After all the climb and stroll around, we went to grab a simple cheese in a bun plus hot chocoloate to keep ourselves warm. Boy was it the best tasting cheese ever.

After filling ourselves with food, we continued on to view brightly painted clogs and the tools that were used. You could even buy a pair as a souvenir. 

Well, other than that.. other places that are worth a visit are 
6. The Anne Frank Huis which is basically a museum showing the room that Anne and her family hid in from the Nazis during World War II. Cameras are not allowed hence no pictures. You get to imagine and relive the moments as Anne Frank during that period and it's worth every penny paid.

When you're there, don't forget to try their fish Smørrebrød or open sandwich.

I can finally conclude that Amsterdam was definitely one of the places which I don't mind visiting again. 


  1. haha ! You are back at your blog finally! Congratz on your graduation yo ! All the best in your working life soon ! For now , enjoy your long holiday before work ya . Rest more for a longer journey . =D

  2. the tulips are so beautiful,so as you.