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Sunday, March 11, 2012

sexy and they know it

so, Ys and I just headed off to Barrowlands for a "LMFAO + Far East Movement" experience

and we were abit unprepared for what's about to come.
*Maybe its just me with the "nil-concert-experience"

Super awesome experience.

"Champagne showers" with real champagne poured to the crowd.

"I'm in Miami Beach" with babe in bikini, them dressed for the beach, balloons and beach balls everywhere, including a plastic coconut true being bobbed around by the crowd.

"Shots" and there you have Far East Movement joining in the fun

Party Rock Anthem - Everyday I'm shufflin'

All time famous yet controversial "Sexy and I know it"
Think they are performing at Malaysia end of this month
Do share your experience! :D
Although I think most juicy parts might be censored.

Overall, this gig was a thumbs up, indeed an eye opener

Pic Credit: YS :)


  1. used to attend one of LMFAO's party session. Didn't really know are they back then and leave half way =X