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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paris Amour

Dear readers, just a word of warning; to prevent eyesore you can press the
X on the top right to avoid seeing pictures of the bespectacled me. :)

Flew over to Paris for a post-exams holiday for the weekend, super tired. Just imagine:
Thurs=last exam
Mon-Fri=start of classes again
Fri-Sun=Loch Lomond

I'm sure everyone will be like going
"Woah, Paris- the romantic city with the Eiffel Tower and shopping galore"

Well, honestly I would have loved Paris more if I brought more "cha-ching" along with me.
It's not fun to look at plenty of clothes and accessories screaming your name wh
en you don't have the cash to buy em. I mean, a row of branded stuff at La Vellee Village with discounts and prices you can't get elsewhere plus the great weather with baby
blue sky really makes a great shopping day. But it sucks big time to bring a loaded card that isn't activated.

These are the fellow friends who came along in the trip
(photo taken by WeiGuang whom you can spot in another group picture below)

Here we are right outside the Palace of Versailes. Majestic buildings accompanied by a travel-friendly weather makes the background look totally fake like a poster board doesn't it.
After entering and passing through golden gates, you are able to see the grand buildings.
Here we are able to learn about the histories of the rulers of Paris and view all the various portraits, statues and furnitures related to em'
See how intricate all the details are in the building, be it the walls, ceiling or lighting.
Oh! and we were given a recorder object where we are able to listen to a "tourguide" who will tell us the history related to the various objects in each room.
Gotta snap a yeng group picture.
Lovely sceneries outside
French famous macaroons anyone?
Next up,
riding the tube to Palais royal-museum de lourve
all to visit the Lourve Museum
This place is filled with artistic statues and paintings, and it's also free for students with visas so I reckon it's a MUST GO place in Paris.

Here we get to view the famous Mona Lisa painting.
Even the ceiling is filled with art
Not forgetting our visit to the famed Eiffel Tower. It's like the first thing we went to visit right after we checked into our apartment.
I even paid more than 6euros just to face my fear of height just to go up the Eiffel Tower. -.-"
However, we only managed to went halfway up the tower as there was some maintenance going on. Thank goodness though, since it's half the price and it was effing cold up there with the wind that could literally blow you away and make your hand numb within minutes.
On a side note, this was taken outside the Lourve Museum and we thought it was the Triumphal Arch and was wondering why was it so tiny HAHA
However, we went to see the real deal later that night ^^
Presenting to you the Triumphal Arch located at Champ Elysee, a prestigious avenue which holds a whole lot of branded shops. You name it, you see it.
I shall end this post by crediting CheiWan (whom I secretly thinks aspire to be a superstar :P ) for all the pictures from his cammie - since my camera was sleeping in my bag for the whole trip.

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