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Monday, February 28, 2011

on hiatus

As you readers might have noticed, this poor little abandoned thing I called a blog hasn't been updated for the past month. As usual, I can just whip up a long list of excuses but instead I will try to makeup for the lack of content by posting up pictures of rece
nt activities. :)

First and foremost, I love my housemates. Althought the four of us have different personalities and all, but everything still goes on fine xD thanks for being so caring, you know who you are.
(if you don't look at the pic below AGAIN!)
Next are these 2 lovelies beside me, cute to the max no? Heart also equally huge.
Recent CNY party at New Mercy International. The bevy of beauties, look at the middle one in blue, I'm sure most of you know her, Wendy Chua, another sweetie pie.
Group picture!
Went for a retreat/camp weekend activity held by GCCC. Had an awesome time and met many wonderful people. Breathtaking scenery if you love the great outdoors. ;)
From there I was able to know Carys :) who invited us to her place for some home-made lasagna made by her mum, how special is that xD
CNY party last week xD

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