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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

To everyone out there,
It's 1/1/11 people,
Let's all start everything afresh,

Do something new;
Be is getting a new haircut or new clothes,
Heading to the gym to get a toned body or get tanned (not here in Glasgow for now),
Get out of your comfort zone and try something different.

Don't be afraid to take challenges, welcome them with open arms and be ready to overcome any hurdles coming your way. After all, you've got your brain with you.
Stay strong, you can do it!

Time to start making your New Year's Resolution!
I'm sure every single one of us out there ain't perfect, but we can always improve ourselves bit by bit. :)
I didn't make any last year, which was a pity I must say as I was just the same as I was a year ago. So this year, I vow to do so ;) Just not gonna say what it is out aloud. *zip*

Just remember,
Each of you are special in your own ways, just like each snowflake...none are ever the same, so your own unique personality makes you sine the way you are, just work on your strong points. That's why people around you love you, for being the way you are.

Whenever you feel the blues coming, go grab your buddy and cheer up :) Get outta your room and do something different, be spontaneous! Or tune up some fun music to make your day, no point wallowing in depression.

Do keep in mind that there is no point in getting upset over others. Keep the past behind, left in 2010 and move forward to the new year. They ain't worth a penny of your time, let alone your thoughts. Be optimistic! Think of those who care for you.



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