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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back in action

It's been nearly a month since I've been away from the blogging community. Just back from London trip few days ago for a short Xmas escapade.

Rode Ryanair to Stansed Airport.
Maximum cabin allowance: 10kg
It was cold, like 0-2 degrees, relatively warmer than the previous few days and fortunately, there was no snow so we were able to fly there and back without delay safely.
Visited Birmingham Palace. (picture from Ejinq)
Place where I see horses and horse poo
Lovely photos below courtesy of MayHwa.
Tower Bridge
London Eye
Big Ben
Went sightseeing around various places.
Outside Burberry
Oxford Circus
London Westend (yes, furry like a teddy indeed)
Baby pink car!
Picture says it all.
Then it was mad shopping during Boxing day, queues everywhere. Places are all filled with people till it was packed like sardine.

Sales and discounts.

This is the time when you see all the well-mannered gentlemen and ladies reverting back to their primitive self;
ELBOWING one another, GRABBING stuff,
SCOLDING away due to the packed place and long queues,
SQUEEZING and trying to beat the crowd.

Top it off, slept at Steam Engine...a backpackers' inn in a 12 people mix-dorm with minimal space to move about, and a pub as a reception to welcome you.


My pocket has been emptied,
Wadrobe full,
Time to fill my pea sized brain,
with knowledge of dear pharmacology.

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