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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Yeaps, that's where we went, Ikea's pronounced as 'I-Kay-Ah' here. It still beats me how the term got about.

Group picture taken by WeiGuang
And picture after picture of food to tempt your tummy, too bad if you haven't eaten before you got here. Gosh~ Just looking at the pictures makes me feel all hungry again, when I have just eaten. goodness.

Pretty "nature" bedroom picture taken by Wendy.

Just wanted to share those yummy looking picture :P

On a side note, the snow here which looks all glorious and pure when it first snowed is not a mixture of dirt + water + ice, which looks gross now. Due to the harsh weather conditions here, classes are cancelled for 3 days in a row...thus making next week a rather hectic one. oh man~

3 tests in a week, how am I gonna take it?
And while everyone across the globe is enjoying their holidays, us Mpharm-ers are stuck with exams. "Hooray"

Be grateful people, and enjoy every single bit of your holiday!