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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sis turns a year older

My pretty little sister above has just turned sweet 16. Don't you all agree that she looks good?
SAY it out loud if you agree or she won't believe :P

Happy Birthday mei~
Don't worry you have grown to look better(as you wish)
And seems to have matured intelectually as well, which is all good.
An all rounder who is good both in studies and sports,
And a whole line of guys after her (ok, this I make up but I personally feel it's true HAHA)

Takecare and enjoy your birthday in your own special way,
it need not be filled with fireworks or the deco
it may not be the presents and gifts
it's the memories that count ;)

I'll try to pack some snow back for you :P
(yeah right like that's gonna happen haha)

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