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Monday, August 2, 2010

distraction in the form of a home

T'was a princess who crossed the great South China Sea to go back to a place called 'new' home surrounded by lush foliage and beautiful greeneries. Even the grass was trimmed to suit the pretty place.
Welcome to my humble abode ^^ all pretty in pink n sky blue.
If you can see from here, she (Princess Fiona who shall not be mistaken for Shrek's wife) was a pink freak that even her dorm must be in said colour.

However, needless to say. Her 'fake' dorm room can't beat her little private space back at home where she shares with her other sister.

See what I mean? *love love*
And there was a little camwhore corner too, just as every princess wishes to have.
The pink just never cease to end xD It exudes itself out of every corner of the room :P
There is the so-called Princess Fiona of the little pink n' blue house to gracefully end this post.
P.S: Do give me the opportunity to digress a little, I like my new french-i-fied nails :D eventhough it's not done to perfection. After all, what can you expect from manual labour with no stickers to help me.


  1. waliau. rich princess.
    ur room is every gal's dream room. XD

  2. wanlu saw minnie mouse!!!! disney!! disney!! disney!!! =P

  3. how do u do, princess fiona? Beautiful room for a beautiful lady :)

  4. i love yr room to the max, can lemme stay ah? :p