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Friday, July 30, 2010

midnight yumcha session at genting

Pardon me for the lousy quality pictures, too lazy to edit *makes excuse in the form of upcoming exam* so I have just uploaded whatever pictures I have to keep my blog alive.

Recently went to Taipei Walker to eat,
The two petite pretties.
Drinks after drinks

Meals after meals

Ini si Karyn yg baik hati

Zhen we went up to Genting in ze middle of ze night!
This is how PapaJin takes pictures of his cell group.
To spend out *cha-ching* at the arcade shooting hoops amongst others.
However, pictures are with ze Jin.

So headed on to Starbucks to drink hot coffee/chocolate while enjoying the so-called cold wind.
The rest enjoyed their Starbucks while I had BurgerKing to fill my empty tummy
*all thanks to Karyn :D*
This is followed by the compulsory pictures of the members who attend.

WaiCheong the chess-king, if you dare then go challenge this dude. He recently left his mark for the high score of chess in the arcade's machine.
Audrey and Irene the soon-to-be pharmacists who might poison you with drugs so don't offend them xD *jk jk*
Johnson and Karyn :D looking cute! :P
Pretty Melissa and the-ever-comical Jin NYAHAHA~
With the petite pretty sleeping beauty :P

*Peace out*

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  1. Aww you all look like you're having so much fun! Yummy yummy food too :D