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Monday, March 15, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

Onlining is what I can't survive without, its like breathing in air, a necessity xD 1 day without signing into my Facebook and Nuffnang a/c is like torture to me. I can go online from anywhere: cybercafes, uni during free period *sshh*, Starbucks, friends house BUT mostly in the comfort of my own room where I can choose to surf the net from my uber pink lappie on my uber pink table OR my uber pink bed.

Yes I know its messy but you gotta love the PINK!
Before I start to digress to much, what do I do when I go online?
Chatting with dear friends is a sure must!
My Facebook where I get to look after my virtual pets and keep up with the upcoming news and gossips
Downloading songs and series, which reminds me... I'm still waiting for the next episode of the Vampire Diaries to come out!

So what would a good option for me to use to surf the net??

P1 w1max of course! Promise to bring you speed and control with no commitment.
They now come with the new portable modem Wiggy which comes in prepaid and postpaid to suit your lifestyle preference. You can choose the type for business or personal use.




What are you waiting for? GO grab em!

P.S: I just gotta blog about it eventhough I'm in the midst of my exams xD now time to hit the books!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS


  1. Wow, PINK... pink is everywhere.

  2. So many positive reviews about wiggy. I have got to try it..

  3. gudluck..i'm a big fan of vampire diaries.. can't wait to see epsd 15

  4. haha! 96 la u! exam also blog! all the best :)) mwah!

  5. through wendee's comment, i can diagnose u that u hav a deep internet addiction!

  6. your blog and your room = pink! haha cooL!

  7. does P1 wiggy stable, i do some reviews on wiggy and the modem should have 4 bars of signal to able connect to the internet, i wonder is it true since you had experienced it.

  8. holycow! so pink!?

    good luck with your post!

  9. geeee... the PINK essence was so STRONG here >.<"

    ...hehehe.. but i like it, since i like strawberry flavor (so gay) kakaka~
    in terms of Pink color, not really fancy loh ;p

    But i really like its alluring fragrance~ wahhh~ so sweet and youthful~

  10. WoW~~~ur room looks so pink!!nice~~