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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Latest Trick to Rob Your House Using Telekom Malaysia

Would like to share this email as a word of caution to you guys out there!
(Not written by me, credits to the person who wrote it)

Friends, the incident below can happen to anyone and the printed T-shirts
are easily obtainable.

At about 1.30pm yesterday, we had someone ringing our doorbell .My
daughter checked and found that it was a young Malay guy wearing a BLUE TM
Shirt with the words printed TM Contractor in front and the back of the
shirt TM. He informed us that our phone line was out together with our
Streamyx. She went in to check and found it was true and informed me that
the guy wanted to check the cables in the house.

I tied up my Dog and let him in carrying a small bag. He was shown all the
phones in the house ie my room, daughter's room and hall. When he was in
my daughter's room, he asked me to go to my room to check the phone for a
dialing tone, and when he was in my room, I was asked to go to the hall to
do the same. He was in our house for a good twenty minutes and after that
he told me that he has to go outside to check the cable. After looking at
the cable outside, he said he will be back to change the cables outside
which was supposed to be the main problem. In a jiff he was off on his
motorbike and sped off.

I had a strong feeling that something was not right. I asked my daughter
to check her room to see if he left something behind and to my surprise I
was told that her handphone was missing. I ran to my room to check and
found my handphone and wallet still intack, BUT checking further my GOLD
chain was missing (worth about RM3,000.00)

So my friends, please be more alert and make sure that this do not happen
to you as nowadays things that you under estimate happens.
By the way TM personnel came this morning and they confirm that two wires
have been dismantled from the TM box outside my house.

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