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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

thank you CHC

Yes, a big thank you to my CHC family for celebrating my birthday for me on Saturday when we all meet up eventhough it's kinda belated. :D

Thank you to my great usher friends. I have no regrets in joining the usher team where I have learnt to serve in faith, and taught me serve both God and mankind well. Though I admit I am not excellent, but I have improved :D I have learnt not to be so shy, to approach others, to take responsibility, to look out for others and so much more.
Pretty white yummy blueberry cheesecake :D (cake no3?)
Right after service, headed to Jin's place at Savannah where a party was held for Diana and I.
I have not gotten pictures from Jin so I guess I gotta make do with what I have.

Grou picture that night.
Food that was catered. :) Pretty decorations too, plus there were waiters to help us.
FYI, I ate more than this.
Jin's Oreo Cheesecake. He baked 2, 1 for each of us :) Yum yum! (last bday cake xD)That's Daniel&co performing for Diana, funny to the max :)
But what's more hilarious is TaiLoong's booty dance. Epic! I think we were all suspensed and it only lasted for 5 seconds (or less) LOL
My beloved E21. Guys are tall, girls are short. So no blocking each other xDBf's was there, he missed his football match for it. Guilty max!
Thanks for the lovely gift, E21 ;)
And thank you Adeleen for the super 'late only reach me' gift. Pretty!

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