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Sunday, July 11, 2010

KFC, that's where I wanna be

Met up with my little BumbleBees with Sophia the pretty at KFC for lunch :)
From left to right:
SzeMin. JiaWen. HweeMien. Tony. Alson. Adeline. Michelle. WeeiFoong. Sophia

They surprised me with a cake(my 2nd one :D), Kelly was suppose to be here too but she couldn't make it.
*touched by those dear little BabyBees*
Thank you guys :D
Happy Belated to Kelly :)
Meet Alson, the leader of the BumbleBees.
Tony the cakecutter and singer who loves fried chicken and wore pink that day :D
Family portrait much? LOL
my little BumbleBees :D
I'm sure Sophia and I will miss them when we head to Scotland.

Till the next part again (though I know its like UBER belated d)

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