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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bubba Gump

My utmost apologies for the inexcusable delay but here is the 2nd part of my bithday celebration which was celebrated on the very day itself with some uni friends.

This time, it's at
Both the front and back of the menu :)
Before showing off the major camwhore pictures, I will tantalize you with what my blog tends to be filled with...
Yummylicious food that will make your mouth water.
So makesure you prepare some napkin just incase you wet your table or laptop.

Some colourful drinks to entice you perhaps??

Monotonous table
Me likey ;)
Time for bombarding the whole blog post with vain pictures :)
I'll even give you their names and if you guys out there are interested with any of the pretty ones, just let me know :P But a word of warning, some are taken :D
And individual photos with each of the rest :)
KaiXin yg uber CUTE :D plus have super duper long eyelashes which are to envy for. Wanna have any outings? Just give her a ring!
Princess Fiona from Shrek and Princess Audrey from, well...urm Audrey International Lingerie?? I'm gonna be so busted after this O.O
KarYan my ex-lab partner whose laughter is so infectious that when she start's laughing, the whole table will laugh along with her, though we might not know the cause of it.
She's sporting an accent now ok, but still as lovable as ever ;)
YeeLin the demure and gentle one. Which makes her nice to bully :P Just don't go over the limit which is as high as...Petronas Twin Tower.
KahLian with her huge eyes. My Lee sister so I guess we kinda have slightly similar personality and views.
Sophia the cute HOT one with tons of nice clothes, this girl is one who is super bubbly and easy to befriend. What more with her sweetest smile which will melt your heart away.
PeiYin is someone who needs her daily dose of zZz. As hamsap as she looks so beware! Nola, jk, she's a nice friend whom I think is the smartest of the bunch. Like, honestly!
I didn't know that BubbaGump was like TGIF where you gotta stand on chair and embarass yourself (I'm no attention seeker ok)

Thank you for the friends who celebrated my birthday with me and for making me embarass myself shaking my booty when I have none to begin with.
Make a wish.Cake without the candles. I smart so removed them asap before getting my face splat.
Phobia from the cake war the previous year.The cake cutter and photographer of the day :) Cute neh.
Group pic from KaiXin's cammie xoxoA BIG thank you to Sophia, Audrey, KahLian, KaiXin and PeiYin.

Part 3 to come :)


  1. omg.. looks so sedap.. nyum nyum...

    how bout the price? is it expensive? give me range... =)

  2. Great bday celebration you had..part 3 coming sumore..LOL...

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Fiona!

    Jenny: Run Forrest Run!

    I went to this restaurant before, the foods there very nice. I wish I can go there again.