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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Turning a year older at the Laundry

Date: 29/05/10
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: The Laundry @the Curve
Purpose: CheeSeng's Birthday

Didn't really snap much pictures as was late :P

Boyfie and I shared a 2course-meal as we weren't that hungry since our stomach has already been filled by bakuteh for tea.

Our appetizer Tomato Bruschetta, me likey
And main course, shrimp spaghetti. The shrimps were kinda large but the pasta didn't quite add up to my likings. :X
Then the birthday boy was surprised with a cake
The blur-looking birthday boi. And yes, you see a lenglui beside him :D
TeckKuok.WeeiFoong (I seriously thinks he needs a hair cut now O.O I wonder why is his hair naturally curly unlike most Chinese with straight hair)
The birthday boi with many girls around him. Gosh~ I realize that I have aunty-looking-hair here. (Picture obtained from YanShan's facebook)
There was wine, there was beer, there were ordinary drinks and all the meals to fill our belly. Hence, the total adds up to...

*Jeng jeng jeng jeng*

But dear readers, please do remember that I'm still an innocent little angel. O=)


  1. lolz~~ yaya~~ you are still a little angel..
    unlike me.. hehe~~

  2. if you are angel then I devil lo! lol! anyway the bill = amazing!

  3. wow. so expensive leh the bill~ can buy new hp!!

  4. oh my... 830 is use for 5 months also might not finish

  5. RM830 @.@
    Btw, I was thought it's my bro because the name Chee Seng. Hahahaha


  6. The carrot slice from Secret Recipe, yum yu,m..

  7. the super long hair girl is pretty! ;D

  8. 830!!! whoa.. the most amount i ever reach din even cross RM 300

  9. Wow... 830... but still worth it because happiness can't buy from money.