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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Munch munch all thanks to Mr Potato

There was once a girl who is an avid fan of potato chips. She would spend hours in supermarkets and grocery stores just to search for all the various brands and flavours of potato chips. She would munch on those in packets and tins. She was addicted to the different taste of various crunchy potato chips. She would try the normal salty ones to those with tomyam, BBQ and weird ones with seafood in it!

She would nom happily away on her chippies to the extend of posing with them. So bear with her. xD
She never knew that it was hazardous for health, let alone she never exercises. All she could think was "potato chips taste good and provide energy in the easiest way"

Little did she knew that she started to gain all weight due to all the unused calories and grew horizontally with a huge tummy and a round, fat face until she couldn't bear to face the world.
Until one day, the Evil Lord of the Chips appeared in front of her one day and boasted that she has been addicted to all those chips and will soon die of obesity and high cholestrol.
"No one is gonna love you, no one is gonna care for you"
She was so frightened of all the army of chips that taunted her even in her little room. They were like devils taunting her from hell! She was scared of them yet addicted till she could'nt stop eating.
Since she couldn't stop her addiction, the great Nuffnang dude and Mister Potato came to her rescue with an alternative option which could improve her health and social life.
Rice Crisps to satisfy her cravings yet not compromising her health which comes in 4 flavours:
Sour Cream and Onion
Hot and Spicy
Flame Grilled BBQ

They explained patiently to the little girl that it is more healthy because it uses a mixture of rice and potato so less weight gain, has 20% less fat , has no MSG and no additional flavouring. Plus it still retain its great taste, texture and crunchy quality.
Besides that, the ever great Nuffnang gave her free Rice Crisps which was able to satisfy her addiction yet letting her remain slim and also boosted her esteem by prompting her to socialize in the BIG WORLD by giving her free tickets to the movie that she has long awaited, Prince of Persia.

There she get to meet other blogger friends :)
And she was able to bring an "anti-depresant" bodyguard, bag carrier and photographer. How great was that? *pic by Henry :)*
She was no longer sad. She was a happy girl :)
Who would crunch on her chips all day without worrying about health ailments, hair loss or weight problems. Her verdict: these rice crisps are tastier and crunchier than the usual potato varieties.
However there was a NEW problem, she doesn't wanna share!
But I guess that story shall be contined some other time (if there was another time xD)

Wanna grab yours now? ;)


  1. sure u ate so much potato chips?? so slim!! :-P

  2. eat till like that, make me also feel like eating..........................

    you. LOL

  3. wow, nice post! all the best ^^

  4. wow~nice post!
    i ♥ mister potato too~

  5. look like so tasty.... should try one

  6. nice posting .... good luck ya ;) and the pic sharing the chips wit ur boy is sweet :P

  7. I pity the guy sitting at the back there! Act Cool Haha