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Monday, May 31, 2010

Pre-Prince of Persia

Some nights ago, bf and I headed to the Curve to watch Prince of Persia all thanks to Nuffnang. That was like my only Nuffnang movie screening since I never attempted to join others due to several reasons
1. Transport problem
2. Late at night
3. Wrong timing (time taken?)
The bf and I were having a debate of which chicken tastes better, KFC or MacDonald.
The verdict: Well, I still support KFC while the bf prefers McD.
Whats your choice?

This is the said McD's spicy crispy chicken
After all the crunching, we went to Ikea (which is my second favourite place to be after home)
I simply love browsing through all the items.
This pink room with white furniture really caught my eyes and heart.
Sadly, my little cammie ain't doing justice to the real thing.
Then all the walking around made us work up an appetite.
So we had Ikea's bottomless coffee
And this salmon which was different from the ordinary creamy one. Me no likey :X
My all time favourite meatballs!
I love the meatballs, I love the fries. I love the gravy. I love the jam.
Finally, the fresh prawn sandwich with mayo and eggs.
Yums~ The pre-de-shelled prawns for lazy people like me. xD

After all the food, we were off to collect tickets for Prince of Persia and getting our free potato chips, all thanks to Nuffnang and MisterPotato.

Stay tuned for the next post regarding it ;)