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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crustacean feast

This was from some time ago where we had a yummy crustacean meal in accordance to WaiCheong's birthday.

I shall let all the pictures do the talking :)

The birthday dude, his present and wasted Secret Recipe cake. Luckily it was just a slice xD
Salted egg yolk crab and creamy butter crab
Pork and omeletteMantao and fried tofu (crispy breadcrumbs outside, soft n warm inside)Didn't take any picture of the vegetables we had, after all, they're plain old vegetables which you can just cook yourself at home.

Lastly, picture of all of us who went. Most of the E21.
P.S: I have changed some pictures due to it being blur after uploading. Hopefully it is better now :)

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