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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zanmai again

Ate at Zanmai again so this is my 9143503 post regarding it :P You might even spot 1 or 2 same dishes which are my all-time favourites!

The various rice and single noodle soup.
Chicken katsu don. Curry rice. Kaki don. Ebi don.
Tender salmon. Ebi tempura. Soft crab maki. Salmon sashimi. Unagi amongst others
Group picture with invisble Adrienne who went on a toilet break. So whose shoulder is LunXiang putting his arm on? I wonder... Hmm...
Mr. Lee here is heading off to the U.S soon. Sorry didn't really catch up that night!
KaiKin lurves "human-fingers"!
IMU-ians :) Don't mess with the health science people.
Future doctors, dentist and pharmacists! :P
LOL! look at what huge eyes Kevin has and small eyes ZiYi has!
my body guards - Men In Black
A final group pic before CheeYang left and the rest of us headed to Snowflake :)

Till my next post,


  1. like like like..... but sadly without me.... miss everyone......

  2. i think i would have done the same if i was to write about sakae sushi...

  3. I wanna eat japanese food! :D

  4. wa... u so rich. owes see u eat expensive food.