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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

to the opposite end of the world

The seniors have just left for Scotland last night. And in a mere 3 months time, it'll be our turn.

I used to remember the first time I joined the MPharm programme, I was so excited like "Woah, can go Scotland! Can go to a freeze-ass-cold country!" Eventhough I can't even stand rooms with air-conditioning and tend to sneeze after awhile -.-

But now, I kinda dread leaving this country I used to loathe with all the skeptical "Malaysia Boleh" and the increase in crime rates and accidents especially at KL. It's still 3 months to go and that's only IF I passed my test *touch wood, MUST pass*

I wonder how am I gonna adapt to living at Scotland where there are 4 seasons and summer there is like being up at Genting.

And there is all the packing that needs to be done.

Tests to overcome.

Visa to be made.

Luggage bag to be bought.

Time to be spent with loved ones.

Tears to be shed.


  1. don worry..
    u'll be able to overcome them... ♥

  2. no worries~~
    if you think of skype, can tell me anytime even I already sleep..
    miss you badly, girl.. <3<3<3<3