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Monday, June 28, 2010

Ahoy from Manhattan

The bf had just recently finished his exams so he got ample time to spare to bring me around doing what I do best: spending money shopping!

Huge-ass mirror at NewBalance, The Gardens so couldn't help but to check out our reflections ;)
Then we headed to the fish market, not those smelly wet market...
it's Manhattan Fish Market
Snapped another picture since got mirror :D But it was kinda blur due to me zoom-ing too much xD
We had country fried mushrooms as appetizers to prepare our stomach for the main course. Fried golden shroomies filled with oil to increase our LDL levels -.-"
My grilled seafood platter. Looks and taste good, after you minus the oil factor hahaAnd their all time specialty in showing off their fire skills so you will get distracted and be in awe so it will block your taste receptors and make you feel the food is awesome-o!
Nah, their flaming grilled platter, not much of a difference compared to the grilled seafood platter except for the prawn that looks more burnt, no sotong which was replaced by an extra fish fillet.

Prepare yourself by coming to this blog with a stomach that isn't so empty :) Cause there will be more food posts to come after this!

No point in me blabbing on about how great the food is, just look at the pictures and try it out yourself nextime.

In the mean time, just enjoy the pictures.
As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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