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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Ship

This is my first time blogging since I reached the great 2-0! Sadly, I can no longer be called a teenager. Bf brought me for a pre-birthday dinner on the night before.

We went to
We went to their Petaling Jaya branch.
Below is the stated exact location :P
Address : 37-43, Jalan SS21/56B, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya.

I ordered their set dinner which was their latest promotion, which is quite worth it. The bf ordered their steak. So we can share-share :P since I don't think my stomach capacity is that HUGE!

We each had a complementary bun with butter.
Besides that, we were given a simple salad with our choice of thousand island.After which we had the ship's scrumptious shrimp martini.Yummy succelent prawns in thousand island!Fresh "homemade" crab claw chowder as our soup :)As for drinks, we (I mean HE, I just had plain ol' warm water) had watermelon juiceWhile I just do what I do best, pose :) And probably contaminating the drink with my saliva xD
Time for the main course!
I had succelent french cut rack of lamb which was claimed to be roasted to perfection and bedded on mash potatoes while served with assorted prime baked vegetables and topped with rich lamb gravy
Princess Fiona and her royal tiara + blings + royal meal :P
As for the bf, he opted for the chef's recommendation which was charboiled sirloin steak served with broccoli, tomato, corn on cob and baked potato topped with my fav sour cream!
See him smiling so happily like a little boi who just got ice-cream.
A meal will never be complete without dessert no matter how full one is,
hence we had a slice of the ship's homemade mini tiramisu cake!
Oh! and did I mention that the waiters dress up in those captain outfits? Like they were really gona sail off somewhere. Their service is quite apt and efficient.

Not just that, the decoration inside is seriously like being on deck.

Although the exterior deco is one of the most unimpressive ones of The Ship (unlike the one at Batu Ferringhi), but I am satisfied with the food, place and service :)

Sadly the "captain" don't really know how to use my pink cammie which results in this blurry pic.
Unsatisfied so take again ^^
Thanks for showering me with all the love, patience and care.

Thanks for being my Santa with many *much love* presents :D

And finally, thanks to the ship for the little souvenir.
The back of the mug, right after England was out of FIFA.
P.S: And that's JUST birthday eve celebration (I never knew there was such thing until now xD), wait till you see the rest ;)


  1. i remember de top!! hehehe...
    Happy Birthday!!!
    miss you always.. ♥

  2. happy birthday^^
    wow, your bf very sweet leh...
    anyway, wish you sweet sweet always with him and may dreams come true

  3. Haha..Happy Birthday 2u!and hapy ever after k :)