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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Look what I did to my nails last week!
My hand emits light!
Cool or not??
This is it without the flash, only applied 1 layer so I guess the blue colour wasn't solid enough.
Was kinda bored with the plain ol' sea blue so I added some other designs on it, very kindergarten like yea?
Part of the reason of me doing all the deco was to cover up my bling which was still stuck on my nail since 1 month ago, see below...the middle of the flower, it's bulging out as compared to the picture above.
And I shall be the first bold and brainless blogger who ends her post with a huge-ass picture of her "self-french-pedi" TOES! Yes I know my left foot has a tiny mole >.<"So you can spot me just by looking at my feet if you can't see my face.

Adios people!
Don't have nightmare about my feet!

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