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Monday, May 17, 2010

Who Will Win the World Cup?

OK guys and girls, we all know World Cup is just around the corner, after all of us were hyped up about Malaysia vs China for the Thomas Cup in which all hope is lost... It is now time to channel all our hope and energy to support the World Cup (which I'm sure TONS more people worldwide will watch as compared to Thomas Cup). I play badminton but sad to say, I didn't even watch a single match of the Thomas Cup.

Before I start to digress too much, let me move back onto the World Cup where I will enlighten you all abit (I repeat, only ABIT) about it AND tell you about the team I think will win. Sure correct one ok ;) Got sixth sense! :P

The coming World Cup is coming soon in about a month time from 11June till 11July. This year, it will be held at South Africa. You can read more details about it from their official website here.

Now ready to know the team I support?
It is

Wanna know why?

Its because I have this great feeling that it will be the time for England to shine during World Cup. Fabio Capello (manager of England team)has transformed England from a goal-shy team to one of the best attacking team which have a defence that isn't too shameful as well. I mean come on! We have Rooney (from ManU *giggles like a girly fan*) in great form to lead the attacking team supported by world class midfielder such as Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard.

Oh! Not forgetting the fact that we have John Terry and Rio Ferdinand as the main defenders while Ashley Cole and Glen Johnson will support them. Plus! David James of Portsmouth will be our goal keeper :) (We've got one great goal keeper here ok!)

For those England fans out there *waves hand* Check out this link so you can plan when to stay up to watch their matches ;)

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