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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

meeting em innit peeps

Yesterday a couple of us girls in the name of Wendy, Misa, Jeanie, ChooWei and I went to Cathay Cineplex at the Curve. Before that, we ate at Ikea famed for their yummylicious meatballs (oh I'm starting to miss it). Met Sha(TehTarik) on the way there. :)

Wendy and ChooWei went to watch The Descent as Wendy had free tickets by Nuffnang but since I'm a chicken anti-horror girl, I watched Furry Vengeance with the other 2 lenglui :)
In the first place, we choosed that movie because the time it started was closest to the other 2. But I must admit that it was quite funny. I'm not gonna write a review for that movie, that you can search elsewhere. But all I can say it's quite worth my time. Really had us all cracked up in laughter. And the animals were oh-so-cute!

Meet em others Nuffnang/Innit peeps
Baboon, Krazy, W3ndee and "shorty"
Jack, Jayleo, JiaYeen, W3ndee and I.
The 5 of us :) They are all dolled up while I'm in my tee! :X
I shall never EVER stand next to Misa nextime LOL
Closeup so the height difference will be less obvious. hahaAll the pictures were taken by Henry who shares the same sir name as me :D after all, if you see nice quality pictures, it sure doesn't come out from my lil pink cammie ;)

Had a great time that night. Meet up again?



  1. wow! spotted Baboon! ^^
    No wonder! I didn't saw you enter into the cinema hall! you were watching other movies.

  2. hahaha....
    that's why i was wondering the very beginning why got so many of u came but only got 2 tickets for the descent 2 invite....

    I wanna watch furry vengeance one day too...

    The CleverMunkey

  3. many lengluis..ur not short la...:-)

  4. nyuhuh... didn't even say hi... =.='

  5. wow. i wished there were innit peeps in my city so we could hang out too.. good to meet and talk people who are already interesting on virtual conversation.. :)

  6. sometimes i think it's hard to recognize a blogger's face.. all the profile pics doesnt depict how their real faces look like.. =P

  7. nice..must be fun rite?

  8. agree with kenwooi..dunno how i'll identify nuffnangers for the prince of persia screening