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Monday, May 10, 2010

Shopaholics have no excuses

You know you're a shopaholic when you are still out shopping even when you are sick and down with the flu (and no its not H1N1). Keep insisting that I was fine so that the bf will bring me out, on 1 condition, that I gotta rest first -.- So my shopping time was cut short. But who's to complain when they still get to go out right?

So we both headed to Midvalley, me with my jacket as if its autumn -.- There was a KitKat promotion and a vending maching where you can get a bar of KitKat for 20cents :) Loads of people queue up for it so I couldn't resist and 'kaypoh' tag along.20cents, worth?
Happy bf nomming on KitKat.
Was hungry after awhile so stopped by Secret Recipe to have tea/early dinner.
We ordered caramel cheesecake.
and caffe latte
and last (but not least) Irish Lamb Stew :D must be the most expensive in the list but I still feel its cheap for lamb stew ;) It comes with a wallop of mashed potatoes
Plus a giant bun
This was what we got that day :)
I got him an optical mouse that he longed for
and... he got me a hair straightener! :D :D
I also got myself a tube of lipgloss and hair protectant :)

Shopping makes me feel good :) Eventhough I was sick and sneezing all the way, but I came home feeling well again.

So the moral of today's story is...

Shopping is a CONVENTIONAL (*hint* *hint* MKF's lecture) treatment for your flu.


  1. a shopaholic is someone who shops all the time and buys everything he/she sees and wants.. =P

  2. LOL, no more futsal ady ah, became shooping XD

  3. i cant shop since europe is so expensive compared to asia :(((

  4. im definitely not a shopaholic!!!

  5. I never get bored of shopping, my hobby since little LOL

  6. i love shopping when my pocket is LOADED with money..

  7. I want everything but I'm short of money... >.<