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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cheese Baked Rice anyone?

Just a short update,
Now I look back, the cheese baked rice does not seem as appetising as it is supposed to be. :X But it still taste great ok! From KimGary, from a set meal to get their yummy borsch soup and dessert plus a drink. I'm not advertising. Just stating my favourite meal from there :)

This is our Saturday usher team for City Harvest Church KL. Now you know how many people it involves just to make sure the service runs smoothly and all the members to feel welcomed and 'at home'



  1. cheese baked rice! me likey! cn nvr get tired of it! *lol*

  2. wah..long time neber eat cheese baked rice liao...should go one of these days :-)

  3. I love Kim Gary's Cheese Baked rice as well

  4. cheese baked rice very filling one...not my best pick