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Monday, May 24, 2010

SubZone picnic

This event was from some time ago. Pictures are from JinChong and Tracy.
It was a really nice afternoon where the sun tend to hide shyly behind the clouds at times and come out during "appropriate" times to cause us sunburn to show off its light and glory.

A couple of the East side cell groups' leaders decided to have a gathering/picnic/fun outing. Hence the picnic trip was held at Tasik Titiwangsa under a huge tree.

Everything was laid out (the picture only shows like 1/3 of the amount of people present) plus the food on the "mat" was less than the real thing since there were some late-comers.
All of us took turn to introduce ourselves.
Oh oh oh!

And guess what,

Yours truly got unlucky and bird shit landed on my hand from the tree above us -.-"

Just after we got up to prepare to play games. How great!

Then it was time for games! We played captain ball! That was the time the sun decided to rise!
Can you even see where the ball is?
Then we had a short break before starting the second set of games.
All of us were divided into four groups with a leader to guide us.
Why was my eyes close? Hm.. And you can see Dorothy helping people to tie knots:)
There we are bound to each other by feet, guess mine? xD
Before the game started, I just gotta show this picture.
Up front you see WaiCheong who was suppose to smile at the cam and behind you see Eewern posing when it's not suppose to be her :P She's gonna kill me when she sees this, better run and hide
The first game was to dig out little green and red beans that were lost in a jar of black beans.
Then we had to pass rubberbands using straws.
Following which we had to blow a pingpong ball out of a tin of flour.
And finally, blowing balloons :)
Our team came in 2nd in the end :) Kinda reminds me of high school and orientation, so much fun eventhough puteri lilin here kept complaining about the big, bad SUN!

We were all tired after that and were soon filling up ourselves with tons of food like rice, noodles, nuggets, sandwiches, fruits and drinks. But apparently everyone was too hungry and tired to take picture then :P

But soon, even the sun also had to set.
So we all took group pics and that makes the whole outing come to an end.

All of us! Excluding Jin the camera-man and you can see short tall people who aren't tallk enough and had to jump LOL
Really had fun during that outing.


P.S: Anyone going for Prince of Persia? :D


  1. im going to prince of persia screening!
    i think u fall asleep during the game... haha!
    so cute :p

    The CleverMunkey

  2. I'm not going D:
    But I got the tickets! :D

    I like the rubberband passing thingy! :D

  3. Enjoying the day, interesting n lots of fun too.

  4. Bird shitting on u means tat u gonna have a windfall soon :)