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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kimchi Restaurant

Had dinner with the family lastweek at Kimchi Restaurant somewhere at Kiulap (It's in Brunei Darussalam, not Malaysia!) since it was my mum's birthday. It's a Korean restaurant selling yummy food which you can either BBQ or have steamboat! They have chicken, salmon, beef, mutton, seafood and cater for the vegetarian too :)

The napkin with their motto : from Bibimbap to BBQ
The nice, private interior in which we ateClassy silverware

Lettuce anyone? keeps the doctor away!
Teriyaki chicken which we get to BBQ ourselves. Was too hungry to take picture. Delicious. It must be the sauce + our awesome indoor BBQ skills ;)
Blackpepper mutton
Their special Korean fried rice. Looks like normal fried rice with added seaweed n fish stuff on it.
Time for the casserole. We had the vegetarian one to keep a balanced meal, see how much we care for our health? :P
Colourful vegetables of all sorts
Dump it into the kimchi soup
There you have it. Colourful vegetable kimchi casserole! The nom nom that taste just as good as it looks :)
Close-up shot to see the colourful variation xD I see turnip, carrot, broccoli, purple cabbage and eggplant!

Tempted to eat yet?



  1. OMG fiona i AM HUNGRY NOW
    awwwwwwwww ~ i wan to gooooo =)

  2. haha looks nice.. but i dont really fancy korean food! =P

  3. waaa, soooo jealous... I want Korean food...they don't have Korean restaurants here =(

  4. I always love korean food.. yummy...

  5. hah, never have seen the fried rice in my one year here lo.. and the kimchi vege (orange color) soup seems to have modified.. Mind i ask how much is that food? :D

  6. OMG i'm a big fan of korean food!!! Especially kimchi! Oh btw, kimchi is considered as one of the top 5 healthiest food in the world.

  7. OMGOSH! I visit many foods in many blog today, sooooOOOO hungry now ><