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Friday, April 2, 2010


I'm gonna bore you guys with my uber bad luck on the day I went Genting. I mean, its not totally horrible but there's like one bad-stuff-after-another. *sigh* It did dampen my mood for awhile but overall, the trip was still not bad :)

I wokeup at 6+am in the morning! Then Kuok and I went to KL Sentral where we were planning to catch a 8am bus up to Genting. Unfortunately, there wasn't any bus going up till 1pm! Who is gonna wait that long?? So we rode the LRT to Gombak to catch the 9am bus but their earliest was 10am. So I guess we had to make do with that. We bought 2 tickets costing Rm45 41each.(Sorry, I wrote wrong before this but have double check with the bf) It covers the bus fare up and down, the outside theme park and a round of bowling. Considered cheap right? So we waited for the bus to come like 2 sohai over there. We were comtemplating whether to ride taxi up to save 1hr+ time which could be used for more rides! In the end, the bus came which we rode to the Lower Station from which we had to ride the cable car up. 

I gotta admit that I am acrophobic or to put it crudely, am a chicken who is afraid of height. I remembered once many years back when I rode the cable car at Langkawi and was in the same cable car as my two cousins who were many years younger than I. The cable car hasa  glass bottom and I was feeling nauseous during the whole trip till we reached the top while the other 2 were excitedly looking at trees and what-nots.

Took a couple of pictures but had my eyes closed during most of the trip up *raises hand in air* I admit!

Enjoying the cool crisp air with the mist all over. Looks like some kinda haunted building up in the mountain LOL
Overjoyed that we have reached destination point!
Small eyes being happy without the sunnies (being like a kid holding the map acting all touristy)MUAHAHA! scary much with all the mist

We only get to ride 3 rides that day! What the *toot*! Only that lame paddle boat, the go-cart (what do you call that?) and the corkscrew -.- 

We queued up for the Corkscrew (it was starting to drizzle) but sadly, when we were RIGHT IN THE FRONT and were suppose to go next, they stopped us as the rain started to get heavier "Sorry temporary tutup, hujan lebat" So we went indoors where there were some traditional dances being performed. We even went to play bowling (because we thought it was included in the ticket) BUT there was a time limit for it as the ticket is only valid for mornings and we went in during noon due to the rain !@#$ So gotta spend money again to play bowling up in the mountains. How 'great'~ We spent on food too. I was always hungry that day which was weird O.O I mean I should be having a big appetite when during normal days when everything was cheap, not when I'm up in Genting where a bowl of chicken rice cost RM11.

After the rain stop, it was already 5pm so we only managed to ride the Corkscrew and had to head back down to catch up with our bus. Me and my uber thick jacket as if its that cold! LOL but I like the hoodie :)

Happy me :)
Sad boy doesn't want to leave :X

Oh! And just to let you all know, we never did make it in time for our 6pm bus as the cable car was jam packed. So we had to ride taxi back where another RM50 was wasted. But it was raining heavily that evening so I guess riding the train would have been somewhat troublesome. The point is, although I had fun that day. It was super tiring PLUS it wasn't worth spending so much yet only playing so little. So I'm gonna head back there again 1 day before going to Scotland :D


  1. u really bad luck la..pity u >.< btw why will u be leaving to Scotland? studies?

  2. Going to Scotland? Wow.. All the best in your future undertaking ya..

    I miss Genting so much.. ><

  3. lol scared like CHICKEN! kkakakaka nice joke not April Fool right? lol

  4. that's some bad luck you have there..but at least you enjoyed it :D


  5. trust me, scotland is going to be 11.7 times more freezing!

  6. i wanna go genting again..
    and the fog.. nice.. haha.. reminds me of the atmosphere in UK =D

  7. what a day for you..
    btw i wanna ask about genting ticket price..
    rm 45... how can it be possible??
    the tickets sold at gombak terminal station has different packages at different seasons..
    up to so many yeas of purchasing there till last year, the price is increased to rm 30 only if not mistaken..
    which included bus fare up and down to genting, up and down using cable car and choice of outdoor theme park or buffet.
    That was the usual package and price can be as lo as 20 + those days..
    Also, salute you for not buying the ticket earlier..
    for terminal gombak, usually it is quite full becoz a lot of uncle and aunties go up there to gamble..
    but never thought of so many ppl till you only managed to go by 10 am despite only 2 persons..
    whatever it is.. most imp you have a good day with a good companion..
    at least dat can ease ur frustrations..

  8. Aw! I once queued for the Corkscrew and waited for like half an hour and when it was nearly my turn, it started raining so they closed the corkscrew FML!

    And you're so pretty, seriously :D

  9. ofcoz cold loh~ your hot pants that short kakaka~

    Rm50 ...only mah~ those inside casino lost over tens of thousands and it wasn't fun at all ...LoL~

    chill out n peace~

  10. i tot you loss money at genting

  11. Wah.. kinda spend a lot on those fares and stuff :S

  12. tat time i oso lost some lor..hidden amount..wakak.a.but play for fun only ma

  13. i jam at cable 2 hours lagi lar..

  14. scotland! so nice. wished to have a chance too