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Monday, April 5, 2010

My Favourite Sport

whee~ A new has passed. Meaning Project Alpha has set out to give us a new topic to blog about! This week it's all about My Favourite Sport which is...

can guess? can guess?
Clues below :)
Yes, you've get it. It's BADMINTON :) Think Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Xie Xingfang, Wong Mew Choo and others. Of course, I'm not as pro as them. I've been playing my whole life (I guess) but I wasn't involved in any serious training so I guess I'm just average at it. Badminton is a world-recognized sports that involves the players hitting a shuttlecock across a net in a court using a racquet (or some might spell it as racket).

The perks of playing badminton is that it keeps us fit and healthy like all other sports. It helps us to exude out all the toxic waste in the form of sweat. Plus, it is a fun sport to keep a person active and fit. Oh! And you get to lose weight and stay hawt ;) That's a super bonus! You also get to meet new people and be close to more friends. Who knows? You might meet your other half just from badminton just like Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang. For more detailed health benefits of playing badminton, please visit this website! For those who are lazy to read, I might summarize it for you. It tells us that playing badminton helps to increase good cholestrol levels while decreasing bad cholestrol levels. Regular playing of badminton also provides protection against heart disease and ward off hypertension and osteoporosis. Cool right??

But to keep fit and healthy, one must also endure the fact that it comes with being smelly and sweaty!
Now now now, won't that be a pity?
Good thing we have dear kind Adidas to bring us a solution in a jiffy!

Ohh lalaa~ Adidas really knows how to think. :) Deodorants, body wash, face cleanser.. They think of everything! Keep you dry when you enjoy your sport. AND keep you smelling all great and feeling fresh after you shower ;) PLUS!! protects your skin and hair too!

Guess it's time to pray and thank God that Adidas exists! =D
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  1. i used to play badminton in high school.. but not now.. =P

  2. This is like the 20+ posts about "My Favourite Sport" lol~

    I can control the racket equally well with right and left hand *proud*

    Do i sound arrogant?

  3. I used to join dancing class few years back... but now super lazy.... hehe