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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sushi Zanmai

 Recently ate at Sushi Zanmai with the bf. The queue was long (as usual). I guess the place has a good strategy in attracting customers by not having so many branch yet mantaining the superb food quality. PLUS they're moderate restaurant size makes it always seem fully packed so people wouldn't mind to queue. 3pm also people queue! These was what we both had: Smoked salmon sushi. It's average I guess, plain old smoked salmon smacked right on top of rice.

 Next up, soft crab fried and wrapped with rice and fish roe.
 One of my all-time-favourite! A closeup of the yummy sushi!
 Pardon me for my lousy phototaking skills but I must say I really miss that utmost delicious nomnom! 

 Plain as it might be, this simple udon soup never cease to make my tastebuds long for it more :) Chicken chop cutlet. 

This is something I wouldn't recommend any of you guys to order. I mean come on, its a sushi restaurant for pete's sake! Why eat chicken you might ask? Well, cause it looks good in the menu -.- but apparently it isn't as appetising as it looks. 

Teriyaki salmon. Who here is with me and thinks that teriyaki sauce is the best?? 

Hands up!!!!Closeup shot! Looks like a plain piece of meat xD but trust me, it won't taste so good without the teriyaki sauce~ I would say this is a MUST try but sadly, I don't even know the name of it. It's on some salmon promotion till early April but oh it taste so good.

Crispy breadcrumbs outside with minced salmon around soft tofu!Oh, and a dab of cheese here and there. Gosh~ starting to miss it. :(
  See how soft and smooth the tofu is! With cheese. *groan* they should put it permanently in their menu!
That ends my lousy review of Sushi Zanmai, I can't help it, am a sucker for their food. love love
 The time I went there, they were having decoration for Alice in Wonderland at Midvalley. That's the MadHatter's tea table below, and you can even see the security guard doing "something" LOL Attempting to take the overview of Wonderland in a single picture!But obviously failed -.-

 there were giant mushrooms, toadstools and even flowers with expression! And there was a performance with those characters in it. But it was too full so I only watched for awhile :X Too short too take pictures!

 Lastly, a vain pic! :) Thus ends the post in an awkward manner~


  1. I never been to sushi zanmai but i love japang-food! lol~

    The CleverMunkey

  2. you balik kl ed?
    wah, u and bf can eat alotttttttttttttttt

  3. drooling.... treat me nex time =) sweet laz photo!

  4. ya...i heard abt zanmai b4...guess it's gud...but u guys really can eat...haha XD

  5. i love sushi zanmai food...nice ler...

    nice bloggie ... smile on ur NN ads...c yeah

  6. You're not green?! And your bf's not Shrek?!