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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Move aside! Gatsby is here!
Picture credited to Nuffnang.

Always having bad hair days? Don't know how to style up your hair? Fear no more guys...
Gatsby is here to rescue you!

All you need to do is clear mark your calendar for this special, most-not-miss opportunity!

Guys, you really have to attend this! It's a total hair-lifesaver!
And girls, come along and don't miss out the fun. :)

I'll give you all a list of reasons why you MUST grab this golden opportunity to attend this event:

1. There are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs! Ain't it cool?? Who knows? You might be the lucky one! I shall cross my fingers and pray real hard on that day xD

2. There will be alot of fun-filled activities! Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day are - Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair! That's a secret for you to find out ;p

3. A whole load of bloggers will be there so we'll all get a chance to mingle, make new friends... and for those who are single out there, who know? You might meet your other half on that fated day!

4. I will be there too! xD Not that it's gonna make a difference to you right? But it'll be the time to get outta my hermit shell and meet the world! So for those shy ones out there, let's all be brave together!

So what are you waiting for, everyone? Come along! Bring your loved ones, dear family and friends. It's sure gonna be a blast. Treat it as your fun-filled-weekend!

For more details, please visit the Gatsby Street Fair. Here you can learn more about their various products for hair styling which they are famous for, face care and hair colouring.
They even give you a tutorial on how to use each product, like let's say Spiky Edge (in pink of course!)and you also get to play fun games like 'Rope Skipping', 'Spot the Deodorant', 'Basketball Shooting' and many more :)

Remember, its !

Be there or Be square!

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