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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The war has ended!

The war might have ended,
But the results are still unknown,
Who will gain victory?
We won't know...
Till the dreaded 7 April 2010.
4pm, bombs will explode,
And the whole P109 will shake in tremor,
To Pass or To Fail...
We shall all wait.

Had to attend a talk at 5pm just now so didn't get to go online durin noon. Was playing board games with Audrey, KahLian and PeiYin :D

We played
To be honest, this was my first time playing -.-" I know, I know "What, you never play before so noob ah??"

Can't wait for E-Night tomorrow! Tee-hee~ Might blog about it if I feel like it ;)

Free from exams! I'm just so hyped up that I'm gonna drown myself in Facebook games tonight just like the geek that I am.

Taa~ ^^


  1. i didnt play the two games before =)

  2. I like to play taboo especially with the kids in the tuition center... but now in cards ar... cool~

    The CleverMunkey

  3. I never play that before.. So outdated liao.. T_T

  4. some other games got lahhh~ but these 2 ...never try leh..

    do let us know more about it ya~ ^^

  5. i also didnt play those 2 b4 lol.