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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Relationship Dilemmas

What comes after "Yes, I will be your girlfriend/boyfriend?" Do you guys out there expect life to be a fairytale with a happily ever after "full stop" ending just like Cinderella and the other princesses? Ultimate bliss perhaps?!?

Get Real and Wake Up!
We still have to move on with life and there will be obstacles thrown across our faces without us knowing which might jeopardize the relationship.There are a lucky few who have absolutely-nothing-to-complain about except the small little imperfections in their relationships. All they need to worry about (if they are the type who thinks alot) will be are about things like "Will he prefer the black or striped shirt?" or "Sigh~ my darling is gonna be so tired after work" which are usually petty problems.

I give this group of people a Band10 rating. They are the ones who
1. are not easily jealous or possessive hence less quarrels
2. feel secure in the relationship and are not disturbed by other people who might spoil their relationship either by flirting with the bf/gf
3. are financially savvy ( no $ problems, no quarrels)
4. have common interests
5. have friends in common
6. are both from more or less the same kind of background
7. are both easily accepted into each other's family which leads to instant-bonding of the partner into the family
8. are both mature in making decisions
9. makes each other their priority before their own entertainments like gaming and activities
10. accepts each other whole heartedly and it's not lust based on looks

They are the ones that mix along easily and well with each other's family and friends. No awkward dinner meals but straight "welcome in to the family". This is the rare group of couple that most people will envy.

Besides that (I presume this is where most of us fit in),
The middle category of Band 6-8 where quarrels do occur in a once-in-awhile basis over petty problems which are usally due to slight jealousy. Each of them in this category would most probably have already met their partner's parents but it usually turns into an awkward meal. Acceptance into the family is kinda discreet.

Other that that,
There are couples who absolutely adores each other but are of different backgrounds like the Sarong Party Girls (SPG). This would be called the Band 6 people with have additional obstacles compared to the above like

1. Family culture or language used might be different and that might lead to no2.
2. Parents/family are not able to accept the new partner.
3. Friends they mix with are different.
However, they will usually be able to overcome their difficulties over time and experience.

Then again,
There are those who are with each other without the knowledge of their parents. This is usually due to the fact that the parents do not agree to their children being with the selected partner. Bad atittude perhaps? OR samseng style? Beats me. It might be because they are considered too young to be in a relationship by their parents (usually occurs to those in secondary schools and EVEN primary schools nowadays O.O). This goes under Band 5 to me and usually ends up in break-ups either because those involved are still too young or the partners are not compatible with each other. Kinda reminds me of Titanic.

Not to forget,
There are couples who are of the same race and more-or-less same quality of good looks. I would give them a Band3. They would usually be with each other just for the sake of their own pride hence their bf/gf are like trophies "Wow, my gf damn hot sure alot of people will admire me" which are used to climb the social ladder. From the outside, they would look like THE perfect couple made in heaven but they are usually the ones who would quarrel the most even over the smallest problem and not give in to each other. Hence the so-called relationship will only last for days-weeks, if you even consider that a relationship, more like a fling.

That's about all I can think of for now. So which category are you in? Or perhaps there are other unexplored Bands that you can share with me. And if you are single, don't worry~ You won't need to endure any of the problems stated above, so enjoy your life as it is. Wanna know the benefits of being single?? Just listen to Single by Natasha Bedingfield ;p

You get to party all you wanna all night long ;)

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  1. Band 0 are those who do 1 night stands =.=

  2. different people have different views, you and I might have different thoughts of how a Band 9 might be :)

  3. LOL band 0 is one night stands?