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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A BIG thanks 2 WanLu!

The nice bestie of mine got me some stuff when she was at Aussie...aww~

Thank You WanLu!

Look below (though you might be highly uninterested),
from the top going clockwise,
1. Pretty pink photoframe
2. Pink necklace with earrings fit for a fancy dinner
3. Some tourist-y tiger keychain from Thailand
4. A jewellery box which is of utmost-cuteness
5. A mermaid trophy -.- (also from Thailand)
Another view of the jewellery box all opened up :)
The pretty necklace :)

I'd like to thank this great friend, not just for all the awesome gifts she gave me, but more to the fact that she has always been there for me. A person to rely on. A person to cry to whenever I'm upset. Caring and kind. I miss our never ending gossip sessions where we can just talk about anything and everything. xD A responsible person who is a great party planner as well, so organized. Friendly person whom you will never regret knowing.

She's always ready with a lending shoulder and ear. Such a nice soul, so hard to find :D

Take Care girl ^^


  1. so touched...... thanks weeifoong!! i miss you... see you soon... <3

  2. OOO ..that's kind of....touched...

  3. Nice jewellery box and especially the necklace.

    Best regards from: cr3ap