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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Operation: Save the World

This is another belated post, was too tired to write about it back then since I was busy for few days in a row.

Went for City Harvest Church KL's christmas production with Kuok the day I was back from Penang. So you can imagine coming back during the night by bus, then getting knocked out in bed till noon only to wakeup and having to go out AGAIN.
Went for the 1st one which was at 8pm. Rode the CHC's bus there. It was filled African-Americans other than the both of us. Kuok wasn't used to it and nearly wanted to ride the taxi to church instead. xD But the bus ride only costed us Rm4 each for a return ticket so it was worth it.

The play was really entertaining to watch filled with lively songs, dances plus performances from those who won in the Emerge competition some time ago. CHC is really filled with talented people :) Those who didn't go, sure regret!!! But luckily Attributes is selling the DVD at RM20 each, I'm not advertising but just "informing" xD

The whole thing ended with everyone singing Christmas carols like Silent Night, Holy Night and We wish you a Merry Christmas. They even provided candles with a cut-out snow-flake :)

Pretty :)

Merry Christmas (uber belated) peeps! :D

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