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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Penang III

Please read Penang I and II before reading this.

And now, the final two destinations of my Penang trip which are....

Hard Rock Hotel at Batu Ferringhi

Seoul Garden at Gurney

Whee~ the newly built famous Hard Rock Hotel ^^
See the logo at the back right at the top?
Look carefully and guess who is the white marble statue.
As we entered, had to grab a chance to camwhore with that femininely-decorated xmas tree. WanMei posing! LOL should be model la~
Interior of the Hard Rock Hotel lobby.We then continued forward towards the patio and LiTee posed for WanLu right in the middle of the Hard Rock logo formed by smooth stones in the ground.
As we ventured further in, we saw the pool and whoa~ we were stunned. It wasn't like any ordinary hotel pool. It has a friggin water playground complete with slides and water sprays everywhere! The swimming pool is HUGE too. I wanna stay there! But sadly, rooms are RM500-700++ each yet they are fully booked till middle of next year. Unbelievable~We continued walking where there was a bridge over the pool towards the sandy beaches that Batu Ferringhi were famous for. See the pic below, they even placed rocks inside the swimming pool to make it seem more realistic, how cool is that!There were many activites for the beach-goers such as swimming, building sandcastles, strolling by the beach. OR for those who have the bucks in their pockets, you can always opt to ride a pony, go banana-boating, jet ski-ing, parasailing and others. ^^

We were following the pose of the tiny 4 bronze statues at the back, if you can spot em.Nice clean beach, me likey :) I wanna go again!Moving on, we headed to Gurney Plaza to have dinner...Seoul Garden steamboat& BBQ buffet. You get to choose the choice of your soup and ingredients. They have a wide variety of choices from fried stuff, the normal poultry and beef ,seafood, dimsum and even herbal tea eggs! (my fav). You can select your own choice of drink :)

Filling our belly with yummy goodness.
After the main course, we get to have ice-cream, fruits OR even ice kacang for desserts. There are varieties of each to spoil us for choices.

Being happy with my ice-cream. Yes, my hair is oily, what do you expect after a whole day of monkey-ing around non-stop??
We celebrated HongLee's birthday in advance as well. The poor/lucky (depending on how you view it) is born on Christmas day. So a present less each year thought no one will ever forget his birthday xDGroup pic! *whoops* you did not see any bunny ears on the birthday boy.
Another picture to end the post. Photo taken by WanLu. :D

After that, we watched Bodyguards and Assassins but being a banana who ain't really into Chinese history, I was kinda blur at some parts. Kuok and I left Penang by riding the midnight bus tired to the max till I was able to fall asleep on the bus. Reached Pudu early at 5+am in the morning and rode a cab back home only to continue my adventures in dreamland.

Thus ends my 1 day Penang trip all in 3 posts. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Though I know it wasn't really informative as it mostly contains pictures of ME and not the PLACE.



  1. i m here too...can try seoul garden outlet at autocity..more meaningfull

    Nikel Khor

  2. Wow! Had tons of fun huh? :)

    Happy New Year!

  3. hard rock hotel really expensive lolz....

  4. thanks already visited my blog .. nice picture

  5. don forget tat we'll be inside HardRock Hotel one day soon to play n enjoy ourselves!!! <3