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Friday, January 1, 2010

The 09 is gone, welcome 2010!

May this year be filled with joy and laughter.
Less worries, sadness and grief for everyone.
New opportunities, job promotions and prosperity.
Everyone be blessed with good health and stay fit.
Find your other half if you haven't; and those who already have, stay close forever!

Life is a path that all of us have to go through, it's just a matter of how we walk that path.
Do not stray from it but stay focused. So let's start doing things right this year, everyone ready with your new year's resolution??

OK, I'm starting to crap in a rather spritual way, sounds like a priest or something so I'd better stop.

Have fun!

Share with me if you have any good news peeps. :D

P.S: Picture obtained from dailycontributer.


  1. Haha. It aint no crap lah...wht u say is true...anyways...Hapy New Year.
    Cheers! :)

  2. Happy New Year WeeiFoong!!!
    thanks for being part of my life in year 2009!!
    gonna miss all de funs n joys we had together..
    but i know we're gonna enjoy more for de coming year... =)