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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Penang II

I really miss Penang's hawker food such as char kuey tiaw, asam laksa, hokkien mee, curry mee etc yums to the max.

After we had our satisfying meal of chicken rice at a hawker stall, we headed to the butterfly farm which is one of Penang's tourist attraction. Entrance fee is RM10 per adult. There will be a quite a number of butterflies pictures, but to prevent you from being butterfly-overdosed, I have added tons of pictures of other animals and insects as well :) *see how kind I am, yes I am proud of that fact*

Us at the entrance with the giant butterfly replica
Group picture with all the butterflies fluttering about from flower to flower above us.
Instead of showing continuous pictures of butterflies, I will start of with the other unique members of the animal and insect kingdom.
Looks like some kinda prehistoric turtle.
Mermaid turtle xD
This reptile looks like a piece of rock with many edges.
Iguana posing for the cammie
Look for the camouflaging stick insect! Not the butterfly in all its glory
Find the green giant bug below as well, if you have found it, congratulation but the final task has yet to come.Finally, spot the leaf insect from the pic below. If you manage to find, then you really deserve a clap on the back ^^

Butterflies are not shy in procreating apparently -.-
Butterflies love pineapple juice and hibiscus nectar :DWe were just in time for the insects exhibition where we get to touch the insects and camwhore with it xD

The stick (wood-alike) insect on my hand
This weird-duno-call what grasshopper
Close up view of the leaf insect, cutest among them all. haha
Giant millipede, it is able to secrete some kinda liquid therefore I didn't dare to carry that.
See, it can even become a "natural" bracelet.
Smiley bf with the gecko. I didn't dare to carry that one, cause I have this phobia towards house lizards, and that, is sort of like the lizard's cousin or something.
Whee~ a snap of a beautiful butterfly on my backWanLu heheLiTee and I with the same type of butterfly :)
Closeup view of LiTee's butterfly.I know I look like crap here, what with the glasses, eyebags and all but whoa~ we both managed to have the same type of butterflies on our fingers so must show off a bit xD
WanLu's butterfly apparently trying to "urinate" on her finger, if you observe closely. In truth its trying to release some sexual-related fluid to attract females.Everyone, say cheese~
Bf by the artificial mini waterfall
Us with the Big Black Beetle at the back after everything.

Hope you guys enjoyed the pictures, come to think of it, there aren't that many pictures of the butterflies that I've posted up since I think that butterflies look more or less alike so don't wanna bore you guys to death with one-too-many pictures of those.


Wishing you guys out there

Happy New Year!

Takecare and be prepared for the start of a new year ahead :)

P.S: There is still Penang III to wrap up my 1 day Penang trip. Remember to keep dropping by to see where we head to next!


  1. nice butterflies..
    i dont think i've been there before..
    perhaps next time =)

  2. butterflies!!! it was de very very fist time wanlu ever touches them.... hehe... ^^