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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

of potatoes and chips

Not really a fan of junk food since I'm more of a semi-health freak.
No cold drinks for me as well :(


Suddenly got the craving for Pringles and decided to try their new flavours namely soft shelled crab and grilled prawns respectively.

It was the BOMB! Pringles rawks *not advertising here, just stating my opinion*
Even the grilled prawn chips are in my fav shade PINK! But can't really see due to the bad lightings and lousy photography. Sorry~
Sorry once again for such a short update and procrastinating in dealing with Penang II, will post it up tomorrow as the last post for 2009!

Happy New Year in advance peeps!

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  1. don eat too much.... not good for ur health... if don believe me try getting a piece of it n burn it using lighter or match.. =)