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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lunch at Monte's

More than a quarter of P109 class invaded Monte's at BSC situated at Bangsar. 27 of us rode in 5 cars, 3 of which is Myvi ^^ I was riding in PeiYin's car which was following MayHwa's one. Halfway down the road, don't know why so soi the rest of the car manage to went pass the traffic light but it turns red right in front of PeiYin's. *sigh* and the rest of the traffic lights were more or less, unco-operative as well. So Amy who was behind PeiYin along with her and the rest in the car gotta take the scenic route and even passing by Jln Tun Sambathan, totally filled with Indians man~ Am not being a racist =.= but just stating a fact.

Anyways, we managed to reach Monte's. The menu's cover.
The set lunch menu which was ordered by most of us since it's quite worth every cent.
While waiting for the food to arrive, we do the norm of snapping piccies.

With Sophia, the birthday girl. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your special day~
With KahLian, whose birthday was on the 15th.
Love Love
KahLian insisted on taking more pictures.
KaiXin and KaiChiFinal picture of our faces before you all become sien of it. Time to move on to the food!
For appetizers, we had bun + butter, simple yet delicious
Other than that, we also had pumpkin soup which tasted mad awesome in my point of view. It's half gone before I remembered to take a picture. *whoops*
My main course which was medium-well done serlion steak. Yums~

There's also cajun chicken which looks not bad.
Other than that, there is a huge chilli dog to choose which seems quite filling but, sadly, I didn't manage to take a picture of it.

Lastly, vanilla ice-cream for dessert for us normal people.
The 4 end of december babies had their special mango pudding.
My cup of coffee. Your choice, coffee or tea.
The 4 special people who enjoyed their yummilicious mango pudding.
Alex, MayHwa, KahLian and Sophia
Lastly, group picture.
Say cheese to the camera everyone!
And finally
*deng deng deng deng*

Our receipt!


  1. set lunch looks not cheap leh~~
    but syok enjoying it wif bunch of buddies