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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Penang I

Pictures of me bespectacled! That only happens like once in I-duno-how-long.

So, after we reached Penang from KL, read more details here, Kuok and I went on our "merry" ways. WeiXue sent me to his house where I had half boiled eggs and milo for pre-breakfast then I rested and showered there. Thanks for the kind hospitability WeiXue :)

After that, the rest met up at his house and we had dimsum for breakfast. Yums~ But sadly, WanLu didn't take any pictures that that and I was too busy enjoying my meal to give a crap about taking pictures of the food. I think I ate more than my share of the food O.OAfter that, we headed off to Air Itam, more specifically to KeK Lok Si Temple which is known to be the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia, the whole point of the trip was to meet Kuok since he wanted to go there, being all excited about the history and architecture. The ride up was filled with twists and turns and made me turn green.

It was really cooling up there, perfect weather for a walk. Be my guest, you can roll down if you wish.
Being normal girls, we couldn't resist to fulfill the narcissism in us.
Plus the absolute joy of being young once again
See~ Even got human monkey xD
Group pic with my maties and my horrible small eyes and glasses
We then headed down from the hill (by car) to the top part of Kek Lok Si. We were being all tourist-y and busy snapping pictures away.

We even took picture with our zodiac icon!
The famous Kuan Yin statue.
Another picture of us camwhorers with a background of what looks like the grand doors of the palace of China during olden days.
Giant bronze Kuan Yin statue, about to be the biggest in the world I guess.
We passed by the Liberation Pond, it was really cool to watch those mystical koi fishes swim in circle. I wonder what made them do that.. Hmmm...
Group picture!
Another one!After we met up with the boyfie, we continued our journey through the large Kek Lok Si to where the tortoises ( or do we call them turtles?) are kept, we even get to feed them vegetables!

Even tortoises come in various sizes.
Me and the bf who has a rather weird facial pose. You can even see a man at d back feeding those reptiles some kangkung.
I have the shortest hair among us 4.Cheese~WanMei the super prettyLarge golden statues of idols were seen everywhere we turn.the super happy bf with his wide grin to be at his place of interest
another smile to the worldpaparazzi (8) see WeiRen's professional pose.the view from above, you can se part of the city.the trio again, sadly Adeleen isn't here :(*peace out* ^^v WanLu wrong side?!?I even took pics to show you guys the nice weather plus great architecture, you can even see that the temple is mantained really while. Plus, there is renovations going on in expanding the temple!Looks like its out of those ancient Chinese drama shows.Family portrait much? The King and Queen plus their 2 naughty princesses *much love*
It's slightly blurry but whatever, me still likey~
Fake lotus flowers which looks absolutely gorgeous so couldn't resist taking a photo with it.We had to pay RM2 to go up the Pagoda Tower, other than that, everything is free. ^^ so don't get scammed by people asking for money when you come.
It is really spacious and clean inside, everyone gotta take off their footwear.
Mural on the wall.Up the stairs, whoa~ what an exercise! Taken by WanLu.
And me, the slow one taking a picture of them up there.It's really worth all the climbing, you get to see beautiful scenery, like out of a TV programme.The beautiful, well-maintained temple.Another shot of the 3 of us.Group pic~ Loving the background.Both of us.Lastly, a group pic that I like to end the post.

Keep reading to see where we headed to next after Kek Lok Si in Penang II.


  1. i havent been there to c the new kuan yin....
    wish to be there 1 day!!

  2. seems like you had fun! :)
    Wish you happy new year. :)