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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colour Me Corby

Just think about it...

What would life be like without COLOURS?

Just imagine life to be filled with black white grey. Totally BORING and DULL!

That's to put it in a rather literal way.

If my life was a canvas, it'll be filled with all sorts of colours from the loved ones around me and everything that I've been through.

Anger, mad, jealousy

Absolute joy filled with laughter and basically having the time of my life.

Moments of honour when I feel proud of all my hardwork and effort.

Staying healthy with fruits and veggies. I eat alot of greens :) But sometimes to much of them makes me go green and puke.

There are times you can't help it but feel blue and down in the dumps, I've had more than my fair share of those "emo" days this year

Shop till I drop with my friends and being satisfied with my great buys, brings happiness from within...Other than that, exercising be it heading to the gym, swimming or others gives that sense of pure exhilaration. Best done when accompanied :D

A big THANK YOU to

those who made my life colourfUL, bountifUL and beautifUL.
beloved family
the darling bf ( and NOW the whole wide world sees how he looks like! Comment pls)kawan-kawan tercintadiverse in culture, but ONE in heart. colourful~the events I partake
even my lovely room colours a part of me. (though yes, it's only pink)


all those beautiful colours that depict my precious life never could really show how wonderful my life is, though at times I admit it tends to be slightly boring

To digress, I really feel the need to exercise, it would be good to do it in a fun way *hint hint* paintball would be fun, just imagine getting all hyped up running around shooting people, and we get to meet new people too PLUS it's FREE sponsored by Nuffnang. Hope to be able to attend the Samsung Corby Carnival :D what a weekend it would be.

I'll just hope for a prayer that Nuffnang and Samsung will be my Santa who answer my prayer...

After all IF I did get to go, I'll be able to grab a chance in getting my

pink samsung corby




cash prize Rm100!


worst scenario: goody bag with team tee. still not bad what, don't forget gaining one in a life time experience as well.

Fun Fun FUN!

Remember, think pink!

Good night people :)

wish me luck~ and try joining the event too ^^

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